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#FridayFAQ: What to Look for in a Custom Home Builder

With so many builders in the area, it’s easy to choose the wrong one. That is why here at TKG Custom Homes we recommend looking for a builder with Honesty, Integrity and a well-organized construction process. If your builder possesses all three traits construction will be as stress free as possible, and your new home will be just as you dreamt it would.


Honesty is key to a good relationship between a buyer and the builder. If a builder is dodging questions or blatantly lying to a buyer (whether it’s about estimated construction time, budgets, selections, etc.) the buyer is likely to be strained and is sure to be disappointed in their new home.


Integrity is a must have trait for any builder. When a buyer hires a builder to construct their dream home they expect someone who has a strong moral principal. The buyer expects construction to be completed in the agreed time frame, with all agreed specifications and for their new home to be built to the best standards possible. If a builder is lacking integrity a buyer must expect surprises (the bad kind), disappointment, sub-par quality and more.


The third trait we recommend in a builder is a well-organized construction process. Since so few builders possess a written construction process a buyer’s search will narrow to the most organized and well-established builders in the area. A process is important to keep the peace while making selections and building the home. It gives the buyer a written path all the way from our first meeting to closing on their Custom Home at title. From day one the buyer will know what step they are at in the process and what steps are coming up. This keeps the buyer in the known at all times and alleviates much of the stress from construction.

If you’re looking for a builder with honesty, integrity and a well-organized construction process, give our sales team a call at (830) 556-1185 and see if we’re the right fit for you!

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